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低成本的低密度 VOC 氧化

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Formia Smart VOC LVTM is a remarkably cost-efficient purifier for lean VOC emissions, high air volumes and low temperatures. The VOCs are first concentrated in an active carbon or zeolite adsorber, then oxidized in a RCO (Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer) with about one-tenth of the total gas volume. Efficient utilization of the inherent energy in the VOCs allows autothermal burning, and extremely low input of expensive support energy is required. Combination of adsorption, efficient heat exchanger and low-temperature catalytic incineration offers small-sized and economical BACT/BAT solution for lean VOC destruction.

  • Concentration of VOC emission before catalytic oxidation
  • 99+% VOC elimination
  • Efficient heat reuse with up to 96% efficiency in a RCO
  • For VOC concentrations from 0.01-0.7 g/Nm3
  • Processing capacity up to 30 000 m3/h in a 20 foot freight container. The bigger units are made in special containers