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Story behind Formia Smart VOC oxidizers

Everything started from car catalyst technology and an innovative mind. Reijo Lylykangas, the genuine catalytic VOC technology pioneer and the current CTO of Formia Emissions Control Oy, has been working with chemical oriented Research & Development since 1981. He started to specialize in car catalyst technology in 1983.  In the early 1990's he developed the first regenerative catalytic VOC incinerator on the market, and following to that, remarkably small and energy-efficient Formia Smart VOC oxidizers.

As a catalyst technology specialist at Kemira (, Reijo was commissioned to start a major project in 1987, namely development, planning and design of the processes and facilities for a new, entire car catalyst plant. Kemira Metalkat, nowadays known as Ecocat (, started its operation two years later. At that time the car industry business expanded slower than expected, and some new fields were searched for catalytic solutions. Based on the tried and tested car catalyst technology, Reijo composed and developed the first regenerative catalytic VOC incinerator on the market for industrial processes. Remarkable energy savings in comparison to competing solutions were achieved, thanks to metallic regenerative heat exchanger. Reijo himself was the inventor of this oxidizer for which a patent was applied in 1993.

The very first catalytic VOC incinerator delivery was made to Tikkurila paint factory (, to solve their severe problems especially with smelly odor emissions. There were some doubts about this large prototype delivery, but the incinerator started working well and as expected soon after its installation in the beginning of 1994. Tikkurila region was released from the harmful odors based on mainly hydrogen sulfide, and hazardous VOC emissions.

By this time Kemira Metalkat’s originally planned business started to boost, and the company decided to concentrate on car industry solutions.  They even received the Export Award of the President for their 1994 achievements in export business operations. Industrial VOC oxidizer technology was licensed to a small external company that has so far produced approximately 40 VOC incinerators according to the original design. Ecocat Oy (former Kemira Metalkat) has supplied catalysts to all these solutions, and as a part of his job, Reijo also contributed in this licensed VOC incinerator building.      

Reijo LylykangasReijo LylykangasThe progress must go on. In 1999 Reijo started to develop new generation catalysts with his team, resulting to a very efficient and strong structured mixer type EcoXcell catalyst, that was patented worldwide in 2002. In comparison to traditional cell structures, this noble metal catalyst structure increases about 4 times contacts between emissions and the catalyst surface, and has therefore been a very essential improvement.

Reijo retired from Ecocat Oy in 2006, but wanted to capitalize the inventions generated in connection with the latest catalyst development. For this he established Vocci Oy, a family business with the goal to develop a smaller and more efficient industrial VOC incinerator product family. As a result, five utility models and three patents were granted for the new VOC technology.

Formia Emissions Control Oy was established in the end of 2008 and today the company owns the entire technological know-how and immaterial rights of Reijo and Vocci Oy. Reijo continues his pioneering VOC work as a CTO and significant partner of the company. The rest is history.