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Smart medium VOC treatment

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Formia Smart VOC TBTM oxidizer meets the tightest emission stadards for low/medium VOC concentrations and for moderate to high air volumes. The Twin Bed double catalytic incineration enables very efficient VOC purification at a low autothermal point with minimal support energy and operating cost. The technology used allows for a compact size, which saves expensive materials, thus lowering costs and price.

  • Double catalyst/heat exchanger construction
  • 99+% VOC elimination
  • Efficient heat reuse with up to 96% efficiency with regenerative metallic heat exchanger
  • For VOC concentration range of 0.5-10 g/Nm3 (autothermal point as low as 0.5 g/Nm3 can be reached)
  • Processing capacity up to 30 000 m3/h in a 20 foot freight container
  • Possibility to expand capacity up to 120 000 m3/h