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Smart low VOC Removal and Industrial Odor Control

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Formia Smart VOC Oxidizers guarantee an easy and economical plug&play solution for efficient VOC removal and industrial odor control to the required level, with the lowest energy and highest efficiency. Solutions are offered for VOC incineration of hydrocarbons, industrial odor abatement caused by for example hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide incineration, as well as remediation of solvents from soil. Halogenated VOCs can also be treated with a special catalyst without any risk of formation of super poisons like dioxin or furan formation.



Easy plug and play installation for your VOC or odor challenges

Thanks to the compact design with two reactors inside each other, it is possible to install Formia Smart VOC oxidizer in a standard container. The oxidizer is ready-made and tested at the factory, so installation is fast and easy allowing rapid start-up.  Remarkable space savings is reached in comparison with competitive oxidizers. Locating and relocating of the equipment is effortless in the existing or new factories, whether outside, inside or on the roof. Fully automatic and remotely controlled oxidizer is easy to use and maintain and offers you a simple and reliable compliance with legislation and environmental permits.

Remarkable cost savings with lean VOC treatment and industrial odor control

Even 10 times lower consumption of support energy makes catalytic incineration a smart alternative with lowest operating costs. Catalytic incineration requires relatively low, 300°C temperature, which enables low autothermal point and energy-efficient lean VOC oxidation. Thanks to the innovative and patented design of heat exchanger/catalyst combination, Formia VOC oxidizers reach incomparably high levels of thermal efficiency. The used technology also allows competitive pricing.

Reliability you can trust

 Best Available Control Technology with high and permanent VOC destruction efficiency up to 99+%. Intelligent simulation software, based on mathematical modeling, is used in each case for optimal performance. Life expectancy of more than 15 years is based on long-term and deep catalytic technology experience with superior quality Finnish technology. Full service concept is offered from need assessment to comprehensive after sales services. Clean purification process without additional residual emissions formation also allows to decrease your carbon footprint.