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Smart Industrial Odor Control System

Catalytic oxidation has clear advantages for the industrial odor control especially with high air volumes, offering remarkably cost-efficient, small-sized and easy-to-install BACT/BAT solutions. Many industry segments produce gases that contain odorous emissions. In general, the most common odor problems are caused by mixtures of highly volatile compounds that are in low concentration in air, and have very low detection threshold. VOCs together with sulfur, halogens, and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) have been identified as being major odor stimuli for the human nose. Other odorous molecules include organic sulfides, mercaptans, ammonia, inorganic and organic amines, and organic acids, aldehydes and ketones.

Small sizeSmall sizeFormia Smart VOC Oxidizers are remarkably economical purifiers for odorous gas emissions mainly because our catalysts tolerate sulfur compounds without any deterioration. The combination of adsorption, an efficient heat exchanger, and low-temperature catalytic incineration offers a smart odor abatement solution, especially in comparison with thermal oxidation. The suitable oxidizer type is selected case by case based on the customer’s initial data:

  • Nested catalyst/heat exchanger construction
  • Concentration of odorous volatile gases before double phase catalytic oxidation in case of the lowest concentrations and low process gas temperatures
  • up to 99+% VOC elimination
  • Efficient heat reuse with up to 96% efficiency in a RCO
  • For VOC concentrations starting from 0.01 g/Nm3
  • Processing capacity up to 30 000 m3/h in a 20 foot freight container
  • Bigger units can be made in separable components on special containers