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Formia to deliver energy-efficient odor control system to Talvivaara’s nickel mine in Sotkamo, Finland

VOC technology company Formia Emissions Control Oy and Talvivaara Mining Company Plc ( have signed a delivery contract of a catalytic oxidizer, designed mainly for odor control and elimination. The oxidizer will be delivered to the base metals mine in Sotkamo, Finland, and will be commissioned until the end of year 2012.

The contract includes a regenerative catalytic oxidizer to be installed in the metals recovery process of the mine. Talvivaara’s metals leaching process VOC emissions are quite marginal from the environmental regulations perspective. The oxidizer investment is largely based on the company’s own concern to decrease unpleasant smell in the surroundings. Suitability of the catalytic VOC incineration technology has already been assured for this process with a test application during autumn 2011. Additionally the incinerator mainly operates autothermally, which enables very low operational costs, as support energy is only required in the start-up phase. This oxidizer is remarkably small-sized and easy to install in its destination.     

”Formia has got earlier experience on secondary odor abatement with catalytic oxidation for example in paint manufacturing processes. Additionally, at the moment we have a large, primarily for odor control designed oxidizer in the production, to be delivered for vegetable oil extraction”, tells Kari Anttila, the Sales Director of Formia Emissions Control Oy. “Generally taken, odorous compounds have a very low detection threshold, and the most common odor problems arise from highly volatile smelly compounds that are in low concentration in air. Therefore our catalytic oxidation reaction, occuring at a relatively low temperature, outperforms especially thermal oxidation in industrial odor control”, he adds.

“Mining operations always cause environmental effects, but where environmental performance is concerned, our goal is to be among the world’s top companies in the industry”, explains Kari Vyhtinen, The Investment Director of Talvivaara Mining Company Plc.”Besides decreasing the odor harms, it is possible to considerably reduce the usage of certain chemicals in the process with Formia Smart VOC oxidizer”, he continues. 

Talvivaara Mining Company Plc is an internationally significant base metals producer with its primary focus on nickel and zinc. The main aim is to cost-effectively exploit the Sotkamo metal deposits using the bioheapleaching technology to extract the metals from ore. The company is committed to environmentally responsible conduct in all its operations. Talvivaara’s assets comprise one of the largest sulphide nickel resources in Europe, sufficient to support an anticipated production for several decades. The company is listed in the London stock exchange main market.