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Best Available Technology(BAT) in a key role in VOC legislation in EU– New Industrial Emissions Directive will be finalized 2010

By Tarja Sundqvist

The VOC Directive decreed in 1999 has reached the set targets, as it's implementation has led to significant emission reductions in the EU-27 member states. However, this is not enough, and the ground-level ozone content still has to be reduced. The new IE directive will clarify the industrial emissions legislation, boost the use of the BAT, and harmonize the permit procedure. In the future, the environmental permit conditions will be based on the BAT emission levels defined in the BAT reference documents (BREFs).

Thermal or Catalytic VOC Oxidation?

By Reijo Lylykangas

Thermal and catalytic oxidizers are the most common methods in fulfilling the VOC emissions regulations with incineration. Catalytic oxidation offers several advantages in comparison to thermal oxidation, especially with low VOC contents. The most important are cost savings, cleanness of the process, and small size. In addition, the quality of catalysts has been significantly improved and new generation noble metal catalysts offer a service life of more than 15 years.