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10x energy savings with plug&play VOC oxidizer (zh)

Even ten times lower consumption of support energy makes catalytic incineration a smart alternative with lowest operating costs. Relatively low oxidation temperature is required in comparison to competitive technology, therefore only about one third of energy is needed for heating VOC containing gas to oxidizing temperature. Additionally Formia Smart VOC oxidizers reach incomparably high levels of thermal efficiency thanks to the innovative structure of metallic heat exchanger. These together mean remarkably energy-efficient lean VOC oxidation.

The Formia Smart VOC oxidizer is a ready-made plug&play solution tested at the factory, so installation is fast and easy allowing rapid start-up. Fully automatic and remotely controlled oxidizer is easy to use and maintain and offers you a simple and reliable compliance with legislation and environmental permits. Locating and relocating of the equipment is effortless in the existing or new factories, whether outside, inside or on the roof. Life expectancy of more than 15 years is based on long-term and deep noble metal catalyst experience and recognized Finnish technology.