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Formia Emissions Control develops its catalytic VOC incinerators business in North America with UCLA Anderson School of Management

Formia Emissions Control Oy has started the 2010 Global Access Program (GAP) at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, LA, in order to develop its catalytic VOC emission incinerators business in the NAFTA area. The program is an intensive six-month course in which teams of Fully Employed MBA students work closely together with the company executives to update and enlarge the company's business plan into the North American markets.

During the first half of 2010, Formia Emissions Control Oy has made several delivery contracts for catalytic VOC incinerators in Europe. The North American markets are currently on focus due to their potentiality, as a result of established legislation restricting VOC emissions. Similarly as in Europe, there is a developed statutory need for controlling industrial emissions.  

The GAP program was founded in 1998 and has since worked with over 328 international companies. This year, 51 technology-focused companies from 10 countries participate on the program. The industries include medical devices, green tech, manufacturing, RFID and software solutions. Formia has been qualified to the program after thorough application process by the UCLA and TEKES representatives.

"The GAP students seem to be really interested and motivated, and are utilising their diverse expertise to get the best outcome for us. Our team of five students cover all the aspects of business operations, and all of us will have a deep understanding on North American cleantech markets after this project", explains Executive Director Jukka Salminen, and continues: "UCLA Anderson School of Management is regarded among the very best business schools in the world, so we have high expectations in bringing our global strategy on local level in North America with this project." 


Executive Director Jukka Salminen, jukka.salminen(at) , +358 50 501 2780