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Formia and Earth Products China sign a co-operation agreement for sales and marketing of industrial emission control systems in China, Hong Kong and Macau

A Finnish VOC technology company Formia Emissions Control Oy and a Hong Kong based testing instruments specialist Earth Products China Limited (EPC, have agreed to start a tight strategic partnership in the emission control business from the October 1st, 2011 on. In addition, a local manufacturing option has been discussed with a goal to start production of VOC emission incinerators in EPC's Chinese territory during 2012.

Formia offers remarkably high VOC incineration efficiency, low energy costs and easy installation solutions for the oxidation of VOC emissions from industrial processes. EPC has 20 years of experience in technology sales and customer support throughout China. The two organizations have similar goals to focus on and enlarge their share of environmental-friendly solutions. This agreement sets a new framework for industry cooperation benefitting from the companies mutual strengths in technology, operational and marketing skills.

“This is no doubt the most important collaboration undertaking in Formia’s history”, says Jukka Salminen, the CEO of Formia Emissions Control Oy. “China represents one fourth of the world markets, and it’s significance in our business sector will be even bigger, as the role of environmental regulations is strengthening in the region. China is absolutely the most important new territory for us”, he continues.

“EPC strives for environmental innovation, and Formia’s technology and local production significantly supports our portfolio development”, tells Frank Ko, the Managing Director of EPC. “We employ 200 people in China, Hong Kong and India, and have for example sales and technical support offices in the eleven of the most significant economic areas in China. This is obviously an excellent basis for successful business operations and customer support”, he adds.

CEO Jukka Salminen, Formia Emissions Control Oy, tel. +358 (0)50 501 2780,

Managing Director Frank Ko, Earth Products China Limited, tel. +852 90 284675,